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Being in a long-term recovering relationship can feel like a confusing and frustrating obstacle course at times. I don't know any recovering couples who don't need smart answers, practical tools, and emotional support. I've created this blog to help you recognize the inner wisdom you already possess, and perhaps to add a few new ideas you can try on for size. If you have a specific topic of interest, please feel free to contact me.

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What Are You Waiting For?

July 20, 2015: I'm the kind of person who can need a resounding wake up call every once in a while to remember what really matters in life. Depending on how deeply entrenched I am in fear or worry, it can take either ...
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Learning to Learn

June 22, 2015: Years ago, I was out on a walk with a very accomplished friend who had traveled the world, had received many rewards for her life’s work, and was revered by many. I decided to take advantage of her sage wisdom ...
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Everybody Has to Be Some Way!

June 08, 2015: The word bored has never been in my vocabulary. Whenever someone says he or she is bored, I feel as if I’m suddenly hearing a foreign language spoken. Although I understand the concept of boredom, my emotional reaction is “Bored? ...
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Unplugging from Misery and Plugging into Happiness

May 25, 2015: Every day, I have the privilege of listening to people talk intimately about the details of their lives and their universal struggle to find peace of mind, self-acceptance and balance. Personally, I struggle with the same suffering and desires. I ...
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Are You Living With A Passive-Aggressive Partner?

May 11, 2015: Anger is one of many emotions on the spectrum of feelings, and there are constructive and useful ways to communicate anger toward people who disrespect, hurt, betray, neglect, or abuse you. But some people will react with irrational fear and ...
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Are You With a Professional Victim?

April 27, 2015: I had been working with Tom and Cathy for three sessions when it became obvious we were going nowhere fast. The two were entrenched in a pattern of negativity. Tom insisted on being the victim of Cathy, and never the ...

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Oct 20
Making Relationships Work in Recovery If you want to give your recovering relationship a chance of thriving, you must learn when to work hard to ...
Jul 01
WEBINAR: Working Experientially With Couples in Recovery This workshop will clearly define somatic interventions that are effective to help the recovering couple move out of trauma, fear ...
Jan 01
An Open New Year’s Day Love / Fan Letter To Patti Smith / Paying Homage to Adam Roth “Let me respectfully remind you Life and death are of supreme importance Time swiftly passes by and opportunity ...

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