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Being in a long-term recovering relationship can feel like a confusing and frustrating obstacle course at times. I don't know any recovering couples who don't need smart answers, practical tools, and emotional support. I've created this blog to help you recognize the inner wisdom you already possess, and perhaps to add a few new ideas you can try on for size. If you have a specific topic of interest, please feel free to contact me.

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How I’m Going to Survive the Holidays Once Again

October 26, 2015: I don’t know about you, but my stress level starts to rise the moment I see the first indications that the winter holidays are upon us. I feel slightly nauseous at the sight of Halloween decorations already scattered on the ...
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Waving Hello to Death

September 28, 2015: In the last few months, the subject of death and dying has been coming up more than usual with people in my private practice. Obviously, none of us are getting any younger, but many are also dealing with illness or ...
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Warning: Good Therapy May Come With Side Effects

September 14, 2015: After 30 years in the mental health field, I am well aware of the many spokes on the wheel most patients have to address before they can reach the gold standard of mental and emotional health. Although it shouldn’t have ...
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Be Gone! You Have No Power Here!

August 31, 2015: I am well aware that, at times, fear can be extremely helpful as a warning system for potential dangers. Of course fear should rear its head if what you’re about to do, or what is coming toward you, could really ...
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Making Friends with Frustration

August 17, 2015: The good old days of being able to depend entirely on the clear-cut rules of marriage handed down by cultural and ancestral norms have come to an end. This is true not just because of the fact that our consciousness ...
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When the Body Listens

August 03, 2015: I grew up at a time when the transformation movement was flourishing. The Beatles were taking psychedelic trips and studying TM with the Maharishi in India, while Werner Erhard was screaming to large audiences to "get off it" and wake ...

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WEBINAR: Working Experientially With Couples in Recovery This workshop will clearly define somatic interventions that are effective to help the recovering couple move out of trauma, fear ...
Jan 01
An Open New Year’s Day Love / Fan Letter To Patti Smith / Paying Homage to Adam Roth “Let me respectfully remind you Life and death are of supreme importance Time swiftly passes by and opportunity ...

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