Throw Out the Rule Book

Date Posted: May 17, 2014
Throw Out the Rule Book

If you look at the self-help section in any bookstore, you will see a plethora of authors offering you answers on how to find true, everlasting happiness with your partner. Some experts point to the way people fight and how much they fight as the biggest culprits contributing to unhappiness. Others say it isn't the fighting itself that brings unhappiness, but rather what goes on between the fights. With so many expert opinions, things can get very confusing.

So, where do you turn to find the answers? And to whom do you listen?

To yourselves! I can't emphasize enough the importance of taking responsibility for your own happiness, and becoming your own authority or expert on your relationship. Your everlasting happiness is based on your actual experience of relationship, and not from someone else's rule book about what makes a good relationship.

The rules for relationships are changing in today's world. Instead of living according to other people's standards and ideals, couples are co-creating new paradigms. One constant to these new paradigms is the ability to be both separate from your partner and connected with your partner. If you and your partner each know your own boundaries, values, and future visions, your relationship can thrive without someone else’s ideas looming over you.

You and your partner are the co-directors of the movie called Our Relationship. You are also the writers, producers, and actors. Lots of great people out there can help you navigate the relationship waters so you reach and maintain the relationship you want, but no one else can live your relationship for you.

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