Be Gone! You Have No Power Here!

Date Posted: August 31, 2015
Be Gone! You Have No Power Here!

I am well aware that, at times, fear can be extremely helpful as a warning system for potential dangers. Of course fear should rear its head if what you’re about to do, or what is coming toward you, could really hurt you. For example, if you’re about to be mowed down by a bus while crossing the street, you should appreciate fear’s advocacy for your survival. Here, however, I want to talk about the voice of fear that hexes you when the coast is clear, or drives you to worry about things that don’t matter in the long run, or puppeteers you to act on things that aren’t actually threats to your survival as if they were. I’m talking about toxic fear.

Until I stood up to toxic fear’s overwhelming powers of seduction, I used to spend a portion of each day in a power struggle with it. If its eye wasn’t staring down at me when I woke up in the morning, then it would weasel its way into my workday. And if it didn’t find me at work, like a demanding, jealous child, it would disrupt my time and demand attention while I was enjoying time with my friends. Toxic fear was especially masterful at infiltrating my attempts to drift off to sleep at night. It even had the power to hunt me down and find me when I was on a vacation in a remote area halfway across the world. There was no end to times and places toxic fear thought it had an open invitation to my life.

Regardless of how many times I would crush its powerful grip, toxic fear continued to pop up out of nowhere and seemed to laugh at me with ghoulish delight at being able to pull me into futile spirals of mental and emotional anguish. Its menacing negative fantasies continued to lure me in and raise my blood pressure.I found this constant wrestling match with toxic fear exhausting and demoralizing. I longed to swim effortlessly for a whole day and night in the glory of serenity. Other people seemed to be able to have that experience, so why couldn’t I? Nevertheless, I remained prey to toxic fear until I decided to take a stand against it.

I decided that every time toxic fear was terrorizing and bullying me, I would talk back to it. I said, “Oh well. Whatever you’re threatening life will do to me, let it do it. What will be will be.”

I decided to stop resisting the voice of toxic fear and instead negotiate with it. I did this over and over again. I said, “You can say whatever you want to me. Thank you, I can handle it just fine.”

Paradoxically, the more I allowed toxic fear to speak its mind, and negotiated with it rationally and with authority, the less it spoke. And the less it spoke, the more I felt the effortless serenity I had longed for. Unlike what you may have heard, there are some situations in which you can negotiate with a terrorist!

Obviously, I’m still a human being vulnerable to toxic fear cropping up from time to time. But once I made the decision to fight back with the strategy of no resistance, toxic fear no longer held the power to throw me into the tizzy that it once did. If I can rob toxic fear of its power, so can you!

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